Next Level Efficiency

Throw away those obsolete method to manage your property listings which are dragging down your efficiency and consuming your time. PropLead is the new era of listing management for all types of Property Agents , big or small.  Designed by experts for maximum results. 

Time Efficient

Waste no more time by flipping files , doing hard searches in your Excel. Save your precious time in sales instead of managing your listings.

Privacy Protection

Your listing data belongs to you and you yourself completely. As all data is encrypted when uploaded and only accessible by the uploader.

Anywhere & Anytime

Accessible on all devices 24/7. Convenient to reach your listings for queries. 

Why was created?

To solved the common problems faced by Property Agents in this modern era. We believe in the wonders of technology and fusion of multiple ideas to bring the society maximum potential in their work.

More than just a tool.

With various extremely useful function fused into PropLead , it is more than just a simple management tool. With your preference, it can be a network connecting colleagues and clients to view your available listings.

Key Features 

Ingenious features designed for all sorts of Property Agents in every possible aspect.

OTP Login & Pin Protection

Login securely without the risk of forgetting your password. Each crucial action requires a Pin for authorization .

Reminder Notifications

Tenancy expiry & Completion Soon unit.
Never miss out a potential chance again.

Team Management

Team Collaboration made possible and easier. 

Personal Property Page

A overall view page for you to share with your clients. Simplified for convenience.

High Level Data Encryption

Every piece of Data that goes into PropLead is highly encrypted. And only the sole owner to the data has the key to decrypt and access it,

Share Link

Share specific listing links to colleagues or clients for viewing or even business opportunity.


Collaborate with other agents , sharing your selected listings.

Our Approach to Security

Every single listing data is extremely precious as it is an asset that can generate income overtime. Hence our engineers have design PropLead with a unique data structure that will provide protection to its user and minimize all sort of possible threats. 

Who Owns your Data?

You and only you. Even by using PropLead to manage your property listing, PropLead has no access to that data as it is all encrypted when uploaded to our cloud servers.

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